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Monument Mining recognises the socio-economic responsibility in the development of our mining assets. Supply of materials, equipment and services to support mining and exploration operations, workforce hire, the payment of royalties to Government, corporate and other taxes all contribute to the economic stimulus of the local communities.

Our Community Social Responsibility (CSR) programs are designed to support the cultural and socio-economic development of the local communities in a sustainable way without creating a culture of dependency. At Selinsing in Malaysia, financial support is provided to various community groups in the State of Pahang to assist in carrying out their social objectives.

The Company is actively working to provide scholarships to a selection of local students to pursue an education in mining and mineral processing related courses at local universities. Ongoing educational support is also given to students from the local primary and secondary schools for conducting their education activities.

The CSR programs work closely with the local medical system to promote health within the local community. Discussion and dialogue with the medical clinics in Sungai Koyan and Kuala Lipis occurs on a regular basis to help the Company understand the health issues and needs within the community so that remedial intervention may be considered. For example, Monument has assisted the local clinic by addressing shortfalls in some emergency medical supplies. e.g. anti-venom for snakes, especially the viper and the cobra families.

Continuous community engagement is seen as critical in the ongoing operation of the Selinsing mine.

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