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Monument Mining Limited is dedicated to conducting business in a socially responsible manner consistent with its corporate values. Responsible mining means being conscientious about the environmental impacts of our business and operating within a framework which includes our commitment to the protection of life, health and the environment for present and future generations.
Applying environmental best practices enables us to deliver enduring value, maintain a reputation for quality and ensure the strong support of the community and the government. The importance of a healthy environment to future generations is a pillar of sustainable development for our projects.

Our environmental programs aim to minimize environmental impact, guided by a regulatory framework, environmental impact study, and environmental management plan that apply to all aspects of the operations. Programs involve re-vegetation, slope and drainage maintenance, and a comprehensive erosion control plan to minimize impact to the environment and ensure sustainability. The environmental monitoring and controls are in place to measure the effectiveness of the operation. The monitoring program includes physical sampling and analysis of emission, water, noise, dust, and vibration.

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