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Safety and Health

Monument Mining is committed to the protection of life, health and the environment. We believe in the necessity of providing a safe work environment for all Monument Mining employees, as well as contributing to the safety and protection of the community. The Company will focus its resources to achieve shareholder profitability in all of its operations without neglecting its commitment to sustainable development.

We will respect the needs and culture of the local communities, and our employees are responsible for incorporating the actions necessary to fulfill this commitment into their planning and work.

To meet its responsibilities, Monument Mining will provide its employees with the necessary resources to:

  • Design, construct, operate and close its facilities to comply with applicable local regulations and laws and to meet international guidelines.
  • Promote employee commitment and accountability to this policy and enhance their capabilities in its implementation through the use of integrated management systems.
  • Promote the development and implementation of effective, realistic systems to minimize risks to health, safety and the environment. Be proactive in community development programs so the communities are not reliant on the mines for their future.
  • Communicate openly with employees, local stakeholders and governments on its plans, programs and performance.
  • Work cooperatively with government agencies, local communities, educational institutions and suppliers to achieve safe handling, use and disposal of all our materials, resources and products.
  • Use the best technologies to continuously improve the safe, efficient use of resources, processes and materials.


Monument is committed to diversity and equal opportunity. Monument’s compensation committee conducts reviews of its compensation program to ensure that wages and benefits are competitive within the mining industry. Monument is committed to hiring locally as much as possible at all of its projects. The Selinsing Mine has one of the highest local hire rates of any mine in the world.


Site Employees are provided medical and health benefits, and have a general health check-up annually. Monument employees are provided stock options, after a probation period, to provide ownership and to share in the rewards of the growth of the Company. Employees are encouraged to continually seek additional education and skills training.

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