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December 15, 2021
Monument Commences Phase 2 Drilling Program at the Murchison Gold Project

November 29, 2021
Monument Reports First Quarter Fiscal 2022 (“Q1 FY2022”) Results

November 26, 2021
Monument Announces Drill Results at Peranggih Gold Prospect in Malaysia

October 28, 2021
Monument Mining Announces Results of Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

October 14, 2021
Monument Progresses Flotation Plant Construction at the Selinsing Gold Mine in Malaysia

September 24, 2021
Monument Reports Fourth Quarter and Fiscal 2021 Results

September 20, 2021
Monument Announces Completion of Upscaled Phase 1 Drilling in the Field at the Murchison Gold Project

July 21, 2021
Monument Appoints Michael Lee to Interim CFO

July 20, 2021
Monument Commences Drilling Gold Targets at the Murchison Gold Project

July 6, 2021
Monument Completes Independent Flotation Testwork

July 5, 2021
Monument Announces Selinsing Gold Mine in Malaysia Resumes Production

June 30, 2021
Monument Announces Covid-19 National Recovery Plan in Malaysia

June 15, 2021
Monument Announces Extension to Movement Control Order in Malaysia

June 14, 2021
Monument Commences Exploration at the Murchison Gold Project

May 31, 2021
Monument Reports Third Quarter Fiscal 2021 (“Q3 2021”) Results

May 25, 2021
Monument Provides Covid-19 Update at Selinsing Gold Mine in Malaysia

May 5, 2021
Visible Gold at Odyssey/Monument Tuckanarra JV Project Reinforce Exploration Targeting at Murchison Gold Project

April 27, 2021
Monument Commences Flotation Plant Work at Selinsing

April 19, 2021
Monument Appoints Hugh Bresser to Chief Managing Geologist

April 16, 2021
Monument Announces RSU Grants

April 8, 2021
Monument Announces Closing of Transaction to Sell the Mengapur Project in Malaysia

March 23, 2021
Monument Appoints Chris Leighton to Interim CFO

March 1, 2021
Monument Reports Second Quarter Fiscal 2021 (“Q2 2021”) Results

February 16, 2021
Monument to Implement Value Creation Strategy

February 11, 2021
Monument Appoints Graham Dickson as Chairman of the Board

February 11, 2021
Monument Announces the Retirement of its Founder Robert Baldock

January 10, 2021
Monument Enters into Agreement for Sale of Mengapur Project in Malaysia

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